Rainforest Rev: Emotions That Make Us More Creative


The Emotions That Make Us More Creative

Harvard Business Review
Recent research suggests that the critical variable influencing one’s scope of attention is not emotional valence (positive vs. negative emotions) but motivational intensity, or how strongly you feel compelled to either approach or avoid something. Read more here.

Rules Of Engagement: How To Tango With Startups

Big companies should create an ecosystem that encompasses partnerships with different types of entities. Also, they should build a portfolio of engagements that represents the different stages of innovation, from generating ideas to buying a technology to acquiring a company. Read more here.

Collaborative Innovation: Transforming Business, Driving Growth

World Economic Forum
European corporates and start-ups must collaborate more and better on innovation if Europe is to remain internationally competitive. Read more here.

How To Hack Creativity

The Next Web
Understanding the way your brain works and regularly training it can help you better exploit your limited creativity reserves and increase them over time. Read more here.


Improving The Mongolian Labor Market And Enhancing Opportunities For Youth

RAND Corporation
Despite a recent slowdown, Mongolia has experienced dramatic economic growth in the 2000s, exceeding global trends. Foreign direct investment, mining, infrastructure spending, and strong fiscal and monetary stimulus measures have driven much of this growth. Read more here.

How Blazing Internet Speeds Helped Chattanooga Shed Its Smokestack Past

Chattanooga is building the largest and fastest Internet networks in the Western Hemisphere. It has attracted billions of dollars in new investment and a flock of entrepreneurs to the city. Read more here.

Getting To Cambridge

The Economist
A marriage of academia, private money and entrepreneurial savvy—exemplifies that of Cambridge. What began with the creation of business parks to host enterprising dons and their doctoral students in the 1970s has grown into the most exciting technology cluster in Europe. Read more here.

Women Make Strides In Business Ownership

The Wall Street Journal 
The growth rate of new businesses remains stalled, but the share of women-owned firms has climbed. Read more here.

Rainforest Rev: Human Capital and Celebrities’ Secret Invesments


The Human Capital Report

World Economic Forum
Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century. To unlock human capital, governments, business leaders, educational institutions and individuals must each understand better the global talent value chain. Read more here.

Innovation Ecosystems: A New Way of Seeing 

Go Productivity
An ecosystem is a nonlinear complex adaptive system, and is therefore not the sum of its parts. It constantly adapts to changes in the environment – often in unexpected ways. Within the system there are dynamic networks of interconnections, and creation, destruction, survival and evolution. Read more here.

The Celebrities Secretly Funding Silicon Valley’s Next Stars

The Washington Post
A growing number of Hollywood actors and musicians who have turned their attention up north in recent years, pouring their personal wealth into some of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups. Read more here.

What Steve Jobs Was Missing About Innovation

The Globe and Mail
In Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why, he pushes readers to discover their purpose, cause, or belief that inspires them to do what they do. To better understand the connection between passion, innovation, and a clear “why” is to help you to gain clarity on why your company exists. Read more here.


Adobe Kickbox Gives Employees $1000 Credit Cards And Freedom to Pursue Ideas

Adobe puts the creative process in a box, packed with exercises, suggestions, and a checklist of six steps. Each box contains a set of actions that employees complete to reach the next level.  This makes the concept of innovation a lot less abstract. Read more here.

New Generation of Rwandan Entrepreneurs Offer Tech Solutions to Farmers’ Dilemmas

PBS Newshour
The rise in entrepreneurship in Rwanda was planned. By 2009, entrepreneurship classes were mandatory in secondary school. The government also runs workshops, radio programs and contests aimed at promoting entrepreneurialism. Strong entrepreneurship is equated with patriotism and nation-building. Read more here.

The State Creating the Most Green Jobs Is…Georgia?

Georgia is beating out previous frontrunners like California and Texas.  Georgia is now No. 1 in clean-energy employment growth. Conservatives and left-leaning environmental groups pushed the state legislatures to support third-party solar-panel leasing. Read more here.

A Step Forward for ‘Womenomics’ in Japan

The Wall Street Journal
Japan raised the pressure on companies to hire more women and promote them to management, a key part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ’s efforts to revive an economy hobbled by a shrinking population. Read more here.

Rainforest Rev: Architecting the Invisible to Create a Culture of Innovation

The Rainforest Revolution

News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


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Architecting the Invisible: Creating a Culture of Innovation

By Greg Horowitt, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder of T2 Venture Creation, from TEDxSanDiego
What does it take to solve problems in the world? It’s your imagination, because often the knowledge to solve a challenge doesn’t yet exist. Innovation requires experimentation and iteration. It is human-centric. New beliefs lead to new behaviors, which lead to better actions and outcomes. Read more here.


Why Big Business Fails At Innovation

By Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes 
Big businesses are constrained by technology, regulatory environment, capital, and risk.  But it’s not these real-world constraints that inhibit innovation. It’s business culture. The engineering of an innovation culture requires a framework that provides a common language, a common set of beliefs, and a common set of meaningful, leading cultural indicators. Read more here.


Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others 

The New York Times
Team intelligence is determined not necessarily by IQ, but by high levels of communication, shared participation, and the ability to appreciate each others’ emotions.  Finally, teams with more women outperformed teams with more men. Read more here.


What States Need To Do To Grow Their Advanced Industries 

GE Ideas Lab
To spur advanced-industry growth, states must first create the platform. With federal research dollars scaling back, states need to invest in basic science, applied research and technology commercialization. The states must do this with an eye toward building on their distinctive strengths. Read more here.


Policy Visualisation Network

Public Sector Innovation
Narrative tells you what your visualisation should be, and how it should flow. Visualisation can help get the attention of decision-makers, and give them a better feel for the underlying story that the data is trying to tell. Design thinking can be used to assist visualisation.  Read more here.




A STEM Workforce Strategy for Nevada and Beyond

Brookings Institution
The strategy which focuses on higher-tech growth industries has begun to pay off. However, the growth in several of Nevada’s target sectors—especially IT, health and medical services, and advanced manufacturing—is already taxing the state’s supply of workers. Too few Nevadans have the requisite skills to secure available positions. Read more here.


Latin America’s Newest Experiment in Tearing Down Trade Barriers

Small and medium businesses in Latin America are benefiting from a new visa zone tying together Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. The zone is a regional economic bloc called the Pacific Alliance.  It includes what many consider to be the most open and successful economies in the region. Their aim is to turn Latin America’s Pacific Rim states into an economic club following the spirit of the European Union. Read more here.


Barcelona: FDI Magnet

IESE Insight
Barcelona has proven itself to be a magnet for foreign direct investment (FDI). It has good quality of life, a well-qualified and low-cost work force, and developing business ecosystems. Read more here.




Global Innovation Week 

February 15 to February 21, 2015
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Global Innovation Week is a Silicon Valley-wide festival celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit.  More than 20 organizations are hosting events for 1,000 attendees. 50 countries are expected. Interested in hosting your own event? Apply here.


Startup Grind 2015

February 9 to February 11, 2015
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Startup Grind is a global community of entrepreneurs with monthly events hosted in over 150 cities and 60 countries. The mission is to help educate, connect, inspire, and mentor entrepreneurs. The annual flagship event, Startup Grind 2015, will host a main stage full of world-class entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders. Register here with a 10% discount.