Rainforest Rev: The End of the Capitalist Era, And What Comes Next


The End of the Capitalist Era, And What Comes Next

The Huffington Post
A new economic paradigm — the Collaborative Commons — is rising and is already profoundly impacting economic life. In a world in which more things are potentially nearly free and shareable, social capital is going to play a far more significant role than financial capital, and economic life is increasingly going to take place on a Collaborative Commons. Read more here…

What The Research Tells Us About Team Creativity And Innovation

Harvard Business Review
Creativity and innovation require different individual skills and team structures and processes. The idea generation stage is often referred to as divergent thinking or exploration. The implementation stage is often referred to as convergent thinking or exploitation. Read more here…

10 Examples Of Companies With Fantastic Cultures

Great benefits and fun working environment with a dedicated goal to make customers happy all fit in with Zappos’ company culture. Warby Parker has a dedicated team tasked with coming up with fun events and programs to promote community and communication. Read more here…


Moving Saudi Arabia’s Economy Beyond Oil

McKinsey Global Institute
Saudi Arabia is the 19TH largest economy in the world.  It can transform itself from an oil dependent economy through increasing its labor productivity, providing a stronger business environment and support sustainable fiscal management. Read more here…

The Anti Silicon Valley: Start-Up Haven Blooms In Moroccan Paradise

Buzz is building around Taghazout in start-up circles, and it is becoming an international hotspot. After hosting the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the government increased its support for entrepreneurs. Read more here…

Europe’s Startup Economy Is In The Best Shape It’s Ever Been And Still Needs Work

Some $10 billion will be invested this year in Europe’s tech startups, up from $7 billion last year. Europe’s tech talent pool is as deep and broad as it has ever been, with 1.6 million professional developers at work (nearly equal to the number in the U.S.). There have been more than 100 European tech IPOs in last 5 years, more than those in the U.S. Read more here…

Rainforest Rev: Innovation Conversation and Design-Centered Strategy


Innovation Conversation With Doblin’s Larry Keeley

Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
The best possible approach is where top leaders build an “Innovation Intent,” a clear, measurable mission for innovation.  Then, senior leaders can operate in response to this intent as the sponsors of innovation; and high potential young people can then adopt a role as the authors of innovation initiatives. Read more…

IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy To Set Free the Squares

The New York Times
Across corporate America, there is a rising enthusiasm for design thinking not only to develop products but also to guide strategy and shape decisions of all kinds. Design thinking flips traditional technology product development on its head. In the design thinking way, the idea is to identify users’ needs as a starting point. Read more…

Beyond The Buzz Words: Corporate Innovation

Corporations launched accelerators and innovation centers in bulk. Fortune 500 budgets started flowing into entrepreneurship and innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Read more…

Are Humans REALLY That Smart? A New Book Says It’s Complicated.

This View of Life
Contrary to popular opinion, humans really aren’t that smart. Human intelligence doesn’t reside in the individual. It is distributed across the cultural systems that have accumulated a dizzying array of solutions to life-and-death problems across the span of many generations. Read more…


An Innovation Case Study: Pittsburgh

MIT Technology Review
Pittsburgh has strong university pipelines, affordable living costs, great quality of life, and collaborative tech ecosystems. The companies here are working on complex technologies with real-world applications, including advanced robotics, low-cost batteries to store renewable energy, and self-driving cars. Read more…

Norway Ranks First At World Prosperity Index

According to the 2015 Prosperity Index which was published by the Legatum Institute, Norway is once again first in the ranking. The country is famous for its social market model. Read more…

The Fastest-Growing States For Tech Jobs In 2015

The top three states, according to a new list of fastest-growing states for tech jobs: Minnesota, Utah and Nebraska. New York and California rank, but they are at Nos. 7 and 10 respectively. Read more…