Rainforest Rev: Top Words of Wisdom

Special Partner Message

Liquidity, the reigning winner of TechCrunch Disrupt, is hiring a Marketing Coordinator.  Join a high-profile startup as it launches first product.  Learn more here.


The Top Words Of Wisdom For New Graduates

National Public Radio
NPR named the graduation speech by our CEO Victor Hwang one of the best ever. The speech explores the entrepreneurial spirit in a new way. “When you go fishing, the best places to drop your line are at the transition points, where light meets dark, shallow meets deep, fast meets slow. The same is true for human life.” Read more here.

Collective Impact: The Missing Link

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Until there is an enabling environment that allows all stakeholders—nonprofits, corporations, foundations, philanthropists, media, and the government—to work together as a system toward one or more goals, collective impact remains elusive. Read more here.

Beating the Innovation Paradox: How Your Corporation Can Innovate Like a Start-up

IESE Insight
Companies need to have breakthrough innovations, not incremental innovations. Generating ideas from looking outward, and finding business models to support new ideas to market, are keys to innovation.  Read more here.

Why “Design For Development” Is Failing On Its Promise

Fast Company
The world’s most intractable problems are deeply rooted in massive systems, while design is a discipline focused on the edges. Read more here.

How to present your startup at a conference? Lessons from Liquidity

The startup Liquidity won TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015. Its founder Victor Hwang gave an effective pitch by telling a simple story. Read more here.


How Europe Can Create Its Own Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Reveiw
Passing the right laws will help turn Europe into its own Silicon Valley. California is the only jurisdiction in the world that flatly refuses to enforce non-compete clauses. Employment in California is considered by default to be “at-will.” Hiring and firing is a relatively easy process for both sides. Read more here.

Calibrating Chinese Creativity

The Economist
Two new publications argue that Chinese companies have the ability to expand revenue and raise profits. China’s private sector has risen with the help of, not despite, government policies on innovation. Read more here.

A Survey Finds Montana a Hotbed of Entrepreneurship

The New York Times
Montana leads the nation in business creation, according to a new report from the Kauffman Foundation, which produces an annual analysis and ranking of start-up activity in every state. Read more here.

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