Rainforest Rev: The Rise of Innovation Districts

The Rainforest Revolution
News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


So you can build a startup. But can you build an ecosystem?

Find out at the Global Innovation Summit — the centerpiece of Global Innovation Week, a Silicon Valley-wide festival celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. Click here to register before December 31 and get 10% off — your last chance to get an early bird discount! Click here to host your own event.





The Rise of Innovation Districts

Innovation districts are popping up across America and around the world, creating entrepreneur-friendly communities that combine the lifestyle of a hip urban neighborhood with big-time anchor institutions and companies that can help startups get off the ground. Read more here.


Five Lessons in Building Entrepreneurial Communities

Global Entrepreneurship Week
A summit of 45 national and city startup initiatives from around the world has resulted in five core recommendations for building ecosystems. Read more here.


Nurturing Innovation: Does Geography Matter?

Location is increasingly less important as virtual collaboration and mobile capital are making innovation hubs a thing of the past. Read more here.


How to Pay Employees for Great Ideas

The Wall Street Journal
Paying people for innovation only works if you reward team-based collaboration. Group bonuses encourage the kind of team-based brainstorming that leads to meaningful new ideas. Read more here.


The Random Events that Sparked 8 of the World’s Biggest Startups

The unexpected stories and strange Eureka moments that launched these household names. Read more here.




Accelerated Innovation: The New Challenge From China

MIT Sloan Management Review 
Chinese companies are leveraging their advantages in the global marketplace by accelerating innovations in engineering and product development. Read more here.


Melbourne’s Tight-Knit Start-up Community Fuels Ecosystem

Australia’s second largest city attracts startups to its culture, clusters, and co-working cultivation. Read more here.


Six Hot Startups in Cool Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital has an educated, English-speaking workforce, a renowned School of Entrepreneurship, government supports for entrepreneurs, and a growing cadre of local investors that has given rise to world-class startups. Read more here.




Application deadline is December 31, 2014. 

We seek the world’s top companies and organizations that enable the super-linear growth of the ecosystems around them. They must catalyze the ideals of connectivity, openness, diversity, and trust that are essential to the innovation process. They must nurture the success of others.  Rather than a simple “Best Of” list, where one focuses solely on the entity itself, we are looking at what the entity does to catalyze more activity around itself.  We seek to reward those entities that create multiplier effects beyond themselves, that catalyze the growth of entire ecosystems. 

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Connections: does the company/organization connect people that are otherwise disconnected in meaningful, productive ways?
  • Platform: does the company/organization lower the cost of doing business across an entire system?
  • Culture: does the company/organization foster trust in the community, industry or society?
  • Motivations: does the company/organization demonstrate social responsibility or sustainable, systematic impact?
  • Team: how does the company/organization collaborate with employees, advisors, suppliers, distributors and other partners?


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