Rainforest Rev: Microsoft’s Nadella and Steve Blank’s Playbook

The Rainforest RevolutionNews on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


How do you design ecosystems that empower innovators, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers?

The Global Innovation Summit provides powerful insights, practical tools, a global community of fellow practitioners, and the chance to design real-time solutions to real-world challenges. It’s part of Global Innovation Week — more than 20 events and 1,000 participants from over 50 countries exploring innovation at one place! Register before November 30 and get 20% off!





Thank You, Satya Nadella

Janet Crawford, Co-Creator of Rainforest Architects and T2 Venture Creation Advisor from Forbes
Reactions to the Microsoft CEO’s controversial statements on gender inequality should be informed by an awareness of the human brain’s unconscious wiring that guides our perceptions and behaviors. Read more here.


Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Steve Blank (blog)
Lessons learned from building Australia’s sports technology ecosystem show how the creation of a regional playbook for an area’s entrepreneurs can help them build scalable startups that thrive in the global marketplace. Read more here.


Leveraging Technological Change: The Role of Business Models and Ecosystems

International Journal of Technology Management
Technological change is much more transformative than mere product innovation — it enables the design of previously unseen business models and radical new strategies. Read more here.


How Procter & Gamble Uses External Ideas For Internal Innovation

MIT Sloan Management Review
Procter & Gamble is using outside intellectual property to spur its internal innovation through a version of open collaboration it calls “Connect + Develop.” Read more here.


Radical Innovation, Part II: Managing the Unmanageable

This second installment in a series of interviews with Boston Consulting Group’s Kimberly A. Wagner looks at her latest work: “The Most Innovative Companies of 2014,” a peer study of executives that gives credit to companies with the most innovative cultures. See more here.




Stockholm Is The ‘Most Prolific’ Billion-dollar Startup Hub Behind Silicon Valley

Stockholm has produced more billion-dollar enterprises than any other city in Europe, and Sweden’s capital may be second only to Silicon Valley as the world’s most successful hub for Internet startups. Read more here.


How Startups Are Tackling D.C.’s Poverty Problem

CNN Money
Community-based entrepreneurs are having an impact in the nation’s capital, which has the highest concentration of graduate degrees – and the highest poverty rates – of any city in America. Read more here.


Jakarta: Ripe For A Tech Start-up Take-off

Financial Times
The Indonesian capital has enormous potential as a startup hub, though few local start-ups have had the scale to warrant big funding from foreign venture capitalists. Read more here.




Demand Solutions 2014 — Venture Night

December 2, 2014  |  Washington, D.C.

Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Quality of Life is a one-day event sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Blum Centers at UC Berkeley and UCLA.  The event will close with an exciting Venture Night where some of the most innovative and disruptive startups established by young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean will present their projects, chosen in a competition, which will be evaluated on Venture Night by a panel of expert judges.  Register here.



We seek the world’s top companies and organizations that enable the super-linear growth of the ecosystems around them. They must catalyze the ideals of connectivity, openness, diversity, and trust that are essential to the innovation process. They must nurture the success of others.  Rather than a simple “Best Of” list, where one focuses solely on the entity itself, we are looking at what the entity does to catalyze more activity around itself.  We seek to reward those entities that create multiplier effects beyond themselves, that catalyze the growth of entire ecosystems.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Connections: does the company/organization connect people that are otherwise disconnected in meaningful, productive ways?
  • Platform: does the company/organization lower the cost of doing business across an entire system?
  • Culture: does the company/organization foster trust in the community, industry or society?
  • Motivations: does the company/organization demonstrate social responsibility or sustainable, systematic impact?
  • Team: how does the company/organization collaborate with employees, advisors, suppliers, distributors and other partners?


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