Rainforest Rev: How Online Tools Can Help Identify Your Life Purpose

The Rainforest Revolution
News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


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In Search Of The Life Purpose Algorithm

Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
This second part of a conversation with the CEO of YouScience addresses the company’s method of using data to create online tools that can personalize the user’s search for a rewarding life purpose. Read more here.


Darwinian Model of Economics Flawed for Firms

The Sydney Morning Herald
The theory of evolution has been used to support conventional economic models that emphasize competition, but corporations today survive through their ability to promote internal cooperation. Read more here.


Using Open Innovation to Identify the Best Ideas

MIT Sloan Management Review
New research can help corporate managers who have grown fearful of open-sourced innovation methods after several companies were hurt by their botched attempts to crowdsource their innovation efforts. Read more here.


10 Calculated Risks That Lead To Startup Success

Not all risks are created equal. The trick is to separate the smart risks from the bad risks. Read more here.


How to Build a Thriving Startup Ecosystem

Ympact (blog)
Working through the five levels of the “Startup Ecosystem’s Pyramid of Needs” can help develop the kind of culture that is the main ingredient in Silicon Valley’s “secret sauce.” Read more here.




Why Entrepreneurs Find the Opportunity to Reinvent Detroit So Compelling

The Chinese symbol for crisis is comprised of two characters representing danger and opportunity. Nowhere is this idea more evident than in Detroit, where the city’s many problems have created a dangerous crisis that also presents a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Read more here.


Israel y América Latina. Ecosistemas Muy Diferentes, Aprendizajes Muy Importantes

Prodem (Spanish language)
There are elements of the startup ecosystem in Israel that Latin American countries would do well to adopt. Read more here.


Do the Most Hipster Thing Possible —- Move to Des Moines

National Journal
Iowa’s state capital has become a Silicon Prairie hot spot as millennials bring their startup culture to downtown Des Moines. Read more here.

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