We are hiring! Seeking a Sponsorship Sales Manager

Sponsorship Sales Manager Needed

The Global Innovation Summit + Week (www.innosummit.com) is seeking an ambitious, motivated and conscientious applicant for the position of Sponsorship Sales Manager (SSM). The SSM will be responsible for executing on sales opportunities and generating new leads for the Global Innovation Summit +Week.

The “Global Innovation Summit” is the world’s largest conference and the premier gathering place devoted to the acceleration of the innovation ecosystems.  Last year’s sold out event drew over 400 delegates from 50 countries and from multiple sectors.  With increased capacity, we project a 500-person sell out in 2015. The next event occurs in San Jose, California, February 17-19, 2015

The “Global Innovation Week” is the world’s largest celebration of innovation ecosystems.  It surrounds the Global Innovation Summit, with more than 30 partner events.  It exists to welcome the world to Silicon Valley, and engage diverse audiences in multiple activities offered by numerous partners, all devoted to spreading the magic of Silicon Valley and the practice of innovation ecosystem building. The Week is expected to draw thousands of participants across Silicon Valley. The next event occurs in San Jose, California, February 16-20, 2015

If you are interested in joining Silicon Valley’s leading innovation ecosystem firm, please contact us at: info@t2vc.com.

Position Requirements:

·        Strong experience in sales, preferably in the sale of sponsorships.

·        Deep sense of integrity.  You have a passion for innovation, economic well-being, and working in a firm that seeks to impact the world.

·        Attention to details.  You can convert abstract ideas into detailed implementation.

·        You have strong interpersonal and communication skills (both verbal and written).

·        Experienced in using and/or implementing sales management and tracking software

·        Preference for working in a collegial team environment, while individually responsible for specific deliverables.

·        You have an entrepreneurial mindset, an open mind when facing complex and unexpected situations.  You are willing to “roll up the sleeves” to try creative and flexible solutions. You take leadership in dynamic situations.

·        College degree preferred.

·        Bonus: You are experienced in basic web design, social media, and electronic lists.

·        Familiarity with, or ability to become familiar with, “The Rainforest” and the principles upon which innovation ecosystem theory is based.  See www.therainforestbook.com.

·        You will be based in Silicon Valley.

Position Details:

·        This is initially a fully commission-based position.

·        Sales targets will be established in collaboration with management.

·        The Sponsorship Sales Manager will report to both the President and Chief Executive Officer of T2 Venture Creation, the parent company of the Global Innovation Summit + Week.

T2 Venture Creation

T2VC (www.t2vc.com) is a Silicon Valley innovation design firm.  We help cities, communities, companies, and countries accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship at scale.  T2VC is a pioneer in innovation ecosystem building, through publishing books and blogs, hosting a major global conference, and running various engagements for governments, corporations, and development institutions in multiple countries.

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