Rainforest Rev: Education Innovation and Overcoming Fear of Change

News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


The Future Of Higher Education Depends On Innovation

Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Education investor Rick Beyer describes some dramatic trends affecting U.S. colleges and universities, and shares innovative approaches to address the affordability and value of higher education, including the “unbundling” of the college degree. Read more here.

Want People to Support Your Ideas? Conquer Their Fears

Innovation takes more than creative ideas – it takes the right approach to make those ideas desirable to others by overcoming their psychological resistance to change. Read more here.

Where Does Your Innovation Strategy Begin?

The Huffington Post
Innovation won’t happen without a concrete strategy to encourage and operationalize creative solutions in your company or organization. Read more here.

Why the Term “Innovation” Needs a Universal Standard

Fast Company
Innovation has become an ambiguous concept at times, which only makes it more difficult to foster. In response, dozens of experts worked four years to develop a universal standard that defines and quantifies innovation. Read more here.

Secrets of the Creative Brain

The Atlantic
A neuroscientist examines the sources of creativity and its link to mental illness. Read more here.


Europe’s Hottest Startups 2014: Barcelona

Wired UK
The Catalan Capital is getting a reputation as a vibrant international tech hub. Read more here.

Can Staten Island Become…Silicon Island?

Crain’s New York Business
Mayor Bill de Blasio has a plan to grow a tech hub in the unlikeliest of boroughs. Read more here.

What’s Next for Moscow’s Startups and Entrepreneurs?

The Telegraph
The government’s incursions in Crimea and Ukraine have raised questions about the Russian capital’s burgeoning tech scene. Read more here.


Global Innovation Summit + Week 2015

Learn.  Love.  Build… Together.

February 16-20, 2015  |  Silicon Valley, California

50% early bird discount — last day is August 31! Plus highly discounted rates for students, startups, nonprofits, universities, and governments.

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation, one of Silicon Valley’s top next generation technology startups, has a limited investment window for friends of T2 Venture Creation. The company is targeting a multi-billion dollar market in clean water. It’s a rare opportunity to make profits while saving lives. Visit Liquidity’s crowdfunding website for more information.

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