Rainforest Rev: Ecosystem Framework and Cluster Creation

News on growing ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship


How Can America Compete? U.S. Suggests New Economic Framework
Victor Hwang, CEO & Co-Founder of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
T2 Venture Creation’s Victor Hwang interviews Professor Maryann Feldman of the U.S. Economic Development Administration on her agency’s recent policy shift away from previously identified drivers of economic development in favor of innovation ecosystems that draw on indigenous talent and resources. Read more here.

Creating Growth Clusters: What Role for Local Government?
McKinsey & Company
Policy decision-makers shouldn’t try to create tech hubs from scratch, or pick winners in particular sectors, but they can increase their area’s chances of success by helping to ease bottlenecks that might otherwise inhibit a start-up ecosystem, particularly when taking a cluster to scale. Read more here.
The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America
Brookings Institute
The innovation model in which entrepreneurs work in isolated garages before launching their tech companies in self-sufficient suburban campuses is giving way to a new geography of innovation in which startups, established industry leaders, and skilled workers cluster together in compact, amenity-rich urban areas close to anchor business and academic institutions. Read more here.
Misunderstanding What Others Think, Believe, Feel, and Want
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
We engage in a kind of “mind reading” every time we believe we understand what other people are thinking, feeling, or wanting. The problem is that we’re not nearly as good at it as we think we are. Read more here.

Case: Start-ups Pave Roads Beyond Silicon Valley
USA Today
No single area is going to dethrone Silicon Valley as America’s leading innovation region any time soon, but that won’t stop smaller ecosystems from blossoming across the nation, giving entrepreneurs a host of options for locating their startups. Read more here.
Payment-technology Firms Clustering in Portland
Portland Press Herald
“Fin tech” companies in Portland, Maine are helping the city, “…play a starring role in the evolution of how people and businesses interact with money.” Read more here.

How Do India’s Major Startup Hubs Measure Up to Those in the US?
Tech in Asia
An infographic comparing Indian tech clusters to Silicon Valley reveals striking contrasts and unforeseen similarities between major innovation centers on the subcontinent and their biggest rival in the West. Read more here.

Global Innovation Summit + Week 2015
Learn.  Love.  Build… Together.

February 16-20,2015

Silicon Valley, California
50% early bird discount — last day is August 31! Plus highly discounted rates for students, startups, nonprofits, universities, and governments.

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation
Liquidity Nanotech Corporation, one of Silicon Valley’s top next generation technology startups, has a limited investment window for friends of T2 Venture Creation. The company is targeting a multi-billion dollar market in clean water. It’s a rare opportunity to make profits while saving lives. Visit Liquidity’s crowdfunding website for more information. 

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