A New Rainforest is emerging in Latin America and the Caribbean

Where are the most innovative startups? Would you help us find them?

The Brazilian amazon is the largest rainforest in the world but a new emerging rainforest is taking hold in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It is a sweeping movement, a growing ecosystem that is fostering entrepreneurial activity and innovation that improves people’s lives. Several hubs are sprouting around the region. There are hackathons, startup weekends, awards, contests, events and conferences happening almost every week if not more often. All this activity is bringing about a new kind of hope, a new vision for the near future, of a region full of talent, potential and opportunity.

As of mid-June and up to July 16th, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is looking for startups based in Latin America and the Caribbean that through technology are improving people’s lives. The goal is to select the top 15 startups, invite them to Washington, D.C to participate in one of the most innovative conferences on innovation and development –Demand Solutions- and to take part in a series of activities that will help them expand their networks, pitch to investors, receive mentoring from top experts and successful entrepreneurs, and increase their chances of scaling up their ventures.

Many key actors are actively engaged in helping to build this new ecosystem: universities, governments, private sector, civil society, think tanks, and development banks. One of those actors is the IDB based out of Washington, D.C and with regional offices in 26 countries in LAC. For the past 50 years, the IDB has been a partner supporting its member countries with their development goals of poverty reduction and improving people’s lives. As part of this emerging ecosystem and to support the growth of this new rainforest, the IDB is highlighting the role that innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship have in supporting development, strengthening economies and fostering stable democracies.

If you have a startup or know of startups based in the LAC region, please tell them about the call. Also, if you would like to be a part of this growing movement and engage with like-minded visionaries that see Latin America and the Caribbean as the next Silicon Valley, come to DC on December 2nd and participate in Demand Solutions, you’ll be glad you did.

More information on the call for startups and on Demand Solutions the event, please write to Demandsolutions@iadb.org or visit http://www.iadb.org/demandsolutions
Please join the conversation @BID_idear #DemandSolutions

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