Rainforest Rev: The Danger of False Choices and the Power of Curiosity


Choosing To Lead Innovation
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Innovative leadership is largely about avoiding the trap of false choices. Read more here.

The Moral Power of Curiosity
The New York Times
The story of Wall Street market-rigging shows how capitalism requires the pursuit of knowledge to challenge the status quo and generate innovation. Read more here.
The Inspiration Paradox: Your Best Creative Time Is Not When You Think
Scientific American 
Insight comes when you’re not at your problem-solving best. Read more here.

From Start-Up to Scaling Up
Starting a business is the easy part. The real challenges emerge as businesses expand, skillsets change, and companies grapple with their evolution. Read more here.

Jerusalem Spurring Startups as Ancient Rules Bend
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
A city known for conservatism, conflict and poverty tries to reshape itself into a viable technology hub. Read more here.

A Turning Point for the Montreal Startup Ecosystem
The Wall Street Journal
New York’s neighbor to the north is fast becoming a world-class launching pad for entrepreneurs. Read more here.
RVA’s Startup Ecosystem
Work It, Richmond
Richmond, Virginia is an instructive microcosm of ecosystem development as incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, investors and universities find the right formula for startup support. Read more here.

Global Innovation Summit + Week 2015

February 16-20,2015

Silicon Valley, California
50% early bird discount —
last day is August 31! Plus highly discounted rates for students, startups, nonprofits, universities, and governments.

Liquidity Nanotech Corporation
Liquidity Nanotech Corporation, one of Silicon Valley’s top next generation technology startups, has a limited investment window for friends of T2 Venture Creation. The company is targeting a multi-billion dollar market in clean water. It’s a rare opportunity to make profits while saving lives. Visit Liquidity’s crowdfunding website for more information.



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