Rainforest Rev: Stable Teams and the eNetworked Ecosystem


What makes places like Silicon Valley tick? We take those lessons, and we apply them to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. We do this by designing the ecosystems that foster entrepreneurial innovation. We call them Rainforests. The Rainforest Architect Lab is a three-day, one-of-a-kind immersive design course that provides leaders with the insights, tools, and skills to build their own innovation ecosystems.  

June 1-4                         August 24-27                         November 2-5
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Unlocking the Power of Stable Teams with Twitter’s SVP of Engineering
Innovation Daily
The key to growing a company beyond the start-up stage is creating a structure in which modular teams become the unit of scale. Read more here.

IT – Revolutions in the Industry: From the Command Economy to the eNetworked Industrial Ecosystem
The Impact Institute
A position paper that examines the change from a top-down managerial approach used in the Industrial Revolution, to an emerging paradigm based on a bottom-up clustering of resources that leverages the power of initiative as a competitive advantage. Read more here.
Metro Startup Hubs And The University Factor
Recent research conducted with the Kauffman Foundation challenges conventional wisdom on the importance of universities to innovation hubs. Read more here.
An Interview with Bob Sharon – Green Global
The Switch Report
Bob Sharon, Founder and CEO of sustainable IT leader Green Global Solutions, describes how ‘rainforest’ concepts influence his business strategy and vision of sustainability. Read more here.
Innovation Lessons Down Under
Government Executive
The Australian Public Service’s approach to embedding innovation in its systems shows how government can incorporate the latest innovation tools and techniques in its operations. Read more here.

Next Silicon Valleys: Why Cambridge is a Start-up City
BBC News 
Academic research and startup technopreneurs can be strange bedfellows, but Cambridge is making the relationship flourish. Read more here.

Startup Guru Horowitt to Italy’s Young People: “You are important!”
An Italian language article about Greg Horowitt, T2 Venture Creation’s Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder, who visited Italy recently on a blockbuster tour promotion startup innovation. Read more here.

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