Rainforest Rev: The Significance of Synergy and Post-Launch Innovation

Only 5 spots left in next week’s Rainforest Architects Lab! Join the world’s first course on innovation ecosystem design.  It is an exclusive three-day course in Silicon Valley for leaders seeking to catalyze entrepreneurial culture in companies, communities, and countries. The lab will cover the spectrum of ecosystem design, including macro systems (environment), micro solutions (practical, real-world tools), leadership skills (behavior change), and workplace implementation (doing). 

Register now for one of four upcoming Rainforest Architect Labs:
April 6-8           June 1-4           August 24-27           November 2-5

Does Synergy Really Mean Anything?
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Synergy is an appealing if malleable concept that is more often invoked than it is clearly understood. But it might just be the perfect way of describing the unpredictability of complex systems. Read more here.

Post-Launch Innovation: The Next Business Frontier
While most innovation investment is focused on pre-launch, front-end activities, it’s possible to stay nimbly flexible while in-market, even for businesses that make products with complex development cycles. Read more here.

Is Facebook Just a Big Venture Capitalist?
Marketplace Public Radio
T2 Venture Creation’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Victor Hwang provides a Silicon Valley perspective on the social media giant’s $2 billion purchase of virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR. Read and hear more here.

Smart Cities: Opportunities for Startups
GIGAOM Research
The problems that urban centers are going to face in the coming decades are promising avenues of development for savvy entrepreneurs. Read more here.
When Does Establishing a Good Startup Culture Outweigh Being Cheap?
The inspiring story about the scrappy startup that bootstrapped its way out of a garage can lead to a “cheap at all costs” approach that can actually impede early-stage companies from advancing to the next level. Read more here.
Innovation Happens When Ideas Have Sex
La Opinion
A Spanish language article about T2 Venture Creation Co-Founder & Managing Director Greg Horowitt’s ideas for spurring innovation in the nation of Colombia. Read more here.

Looking For a Hot Startup? Have You Tried Chennai?
The capital city of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu has the talent to follow in Bangalore’s footsteps. Read more here.

Study Cites Metro Detroit as High-tech Hotbed
The Detroit News
It might be hard to imagine, but Detroit’s technology industry is growing faster than Silicon Valley’s. Read more here.
Berkeley Staff Aims to Grow City’s ‘Innovation Ecosystem’
Hoping to quiet the siren song of nearby Silicon Valley, the City of Berkeley strives to slow its tech talent “brain drain.” Read morehere.

Liquidity Announces the Launch of Revolutionary Drinking Water Purification Product
We are proud to congratulate our friends and partners atLiquidity on this special announcement.
Liquidity, a company that has developed breakthrough water purification products based on membrane nanotechnology, announces the launch of its first generation purifier. The purifier is a revolutionary new tool for a world with declining clean water resources and a growing health crisis.

Launch: Silicon Valley 2014

We are proud to share this announcement from our friends and partners at SVForum on their upcoming event. 
Launch: Silicon Valley

The World Cup Tech Challenge
May 20,2014, Microsoft Campus
Silicon Valley

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