Rainforest Rev: Innovation Church and Supporting Start-Ups



The Rainforest Revolution
The latest news on growing innovation ecosystems in
companies, communities, and countries

How do you accelerate the innovation process? How do you create trust-based ecosystems of entrepreneurial creativity? The Rainforest Architect Lab is a three-day immersive design course in Silicon Valley that provides leaders with the tools they need to create their own innovation ecosystems. 

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Innovation Church: The Tie That Binds
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
A participant in last month’s Global Innovation Summit described it as “innovation church.” While Silicon Valley’s secular denizens might reject the comparison, Henry Doss finds much about it that rings true, containing, “… the secret to building powerful cultures, moving experiences and a sense of purpose.” Read more here.

Supporting Start-Ups With Connections, Advice and Caffeine 
The New York Times
The Kauffman Foundation’s “1 Million Cups” program simulates Silicon Valley culture in small workshops held in 30 cities across the country. Read more here.

Innovation Is Messy: Navigating the Twists and Turns
The Huffington Post
Which is more important for innovation to occur: conflict or cooperation? The answer is certainly one of these choices, or both, or neither — depending on the chaotic, circular, highly iterative, and perhaps idiosyncratic process necessary for a system or organization to innovate. Read more here.

How to Build a Productive Tech Economy
The Atlantic
Creative Cities champion Richard Florida discusses a study highlighting social factors that are essential to building innovation economies. Read more here.

American-Style Start-Ups Take Root in India
The New York Times
Despite conventional wisdom about the difficulty of doing business on the subcontinent, U.S. investors are increasingly funding Indian startups. Read more here.

Innovation Ecosystems, from Silicon Valley to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Maria Douglass, a friend and collaborator of T2 Venture Creation (blog)
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology helps build a Rainforest innovation ecosystem from the ground up, contributing to the kind of information-sharing and mentorship culture that made Silicon Valley a success. Read more here

Next Silicon Valleys: Beijing’s Start-ups Show Stamina
BBC News
Despite the high-cost of living, stiff competition for university graduates, and other barriers for entrepreneurs to overcome, tech startups are clustering in Beijing, where they find community in places like the Garage Cafe, a site where investors and entrepreneurs can meet informally. Read more here.

UNM Wins Award for Aiding Development
Albuquerque Business First
According to the president and CEO of the University of New Mexico’s technology transfer and economic development agency, its success at building an innovation ecosystem can be attributed to the adoption of ideas from the book, “The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley,” by T2 Venture Creation CEO and Co-Founder Victor Hwang. Read more here.
Atlanta’s “Innovations in City Hall” Report Released
A new report showcases the winners of Atlanta’s “CityIdeas” competition among City employees for ways to reduce waste, cut red tape and save money on operations. Read more here.

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