Rainforest Rev: Startups of the Human Spirit and The Coming Year of the Entrepreneur

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The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?

The Startup Movement Is Not About Startups, Actually
Victor Hwang, CEO of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
The global innovation movement is about more than startups – it’s a product of profound changes in human understanding and culture. Read more here.

Big Ideas 2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur
Richard Branson on LinkedIn
Virgin’s satyr-in-chief looks forward to a promising year for startups around the world, as long as they’re seeking to put purpose ahead of profit. Read more here.

The Theoretical Ambition of Behavioural Science
Evolving Economics
Jason Collins addresses a comprehensive critique of using cognitive psychology to undermine support for the neoclassicist approach in economics. Read more here.
Our 13 Favorite Books of 2013
The Huffington Post 
The Brookings Institution’s Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley rank last year’s best reads, and give the number 7 spot to T2 Venture Creation’s own Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt for their award-winning book on innovation ecosystems: The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley. Read more here.

Cup of Coffee: The Distance Between Industry and Academia
Jamil Alkhatib, a friend and collaborator of T2 Venture Creation
Insights gained over a simple mug of Joe help one innovation expert span the chasm between business and higher education. Read more here.

Start-Up Spirit Emerges in Japan
The New York Times
Japanese universities are defying long-standing beliefs about success to encourage students interested in starting their own business. Read more here.

Ethiopia Aims to Create New Generation of Entrepreneurs
BBC Business News
A United Nations program helps train Ethiopian entrepreneurs, demonstrating the possibilities of publicly funded micro-innovation. Read more hear.

Bay Watched: How San Francisco’s New Entrepreneurial Culture is Changing the Country
The New Yorker
Californian innovation is legendary, from skateboards to silicon chips. San Francisco’s greatest contribution, however, has always been the way the city’s creative lifestyles influence American culture. These trends – of business and bohemian innovation – are coming together to foment a unique entrepreneurial ethos that’s taking off in places East of the West Coast. Read morehere.

Can Europe Compete with U.S. Tech Startups?
European leaders worry there is something uniquely American about the way we fund and support entrepreneurial risk-taking that gives us a distinct advantage in the innovation game. Read morehere.

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