Rainforest Rev: When Incentives Backfire and the New Chilean Framework

December 24th, 2013

Happy Holidays from T2 Venture Creation and Global Innovation Summit+Week. We wish you have a peaceful and joyful 2014! We are proud to announce four major events during Global Innovation Week from leading organizations in Silicon Valley.

The events are tentatively scheduled for Feb 20. More details on these and other events coming soon. Remember to reserve the week of Feb 17-21 for Global Innovation Summit+Week!

The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?

Five Ways Incentives Kill Innovation
Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Reward systems can be counterproductive when they inhibit teamwork, trust, and other essential drivers of innovation. Read more here.

Surfing Toward the Future: Strategic Orientations for Innovation in Chile
National Council on Innovation and Competitiveness
The Chilean government’s comprehensive framework for understanding and harnessing the South American nation’s forces of innovation to address its energy production and consumption, the social impacts of advances in the biological sciences, and the changes and challenges coming in the field of education. Read more here.

Geoffrey Moore: Why Crossing The Chasm Is Still Relevant
A venture veteran describes the stages of evolution in a community’s acceptance of the disruption that can occur with innovation, including the point at which adopters “cross the chasm” to take a chance on a new solution. Read more here.

GM’s Next CEO: Mary Barra Should Always Have Been the Favorite
Motor Trend
Some observers feel new CEO of General Motors Mary Barra has spent too many years in Human Resources. Maybe that’s exactly the kind of experience more CEOs need. Read more here.

Why Some Communities Foster More Entrepreneurs Than Others
The Atlantic
A university study demonstrates the importance of social networks and trust to support entrepreneurial success. Read more here.

University Building Economy
Albuquerque Journal
University of New Mexico President Robert Frank was inspired to push his institution to play a larger role in his region’s startup economy after hearing T2 Venture Creation CEO Victor Hwang describe the Rainforest model of innovation ecosystems. Read more here.

Help Wanted: New Strategies Are Necessary to Increase Entrepreneurship in France
The French government must dramatically realign its policies if the struggling nation’s talented innovators are going to help pull the economy out of its current malaise. Read more here
J.B. Pritzker: Chicago is Tech Hub But Needs Capital, Young Talent
Chicago Sun-Times
Venture hero J.B. Pritzker targets the brain drain and other impediments that keep the Windy City from realizing its innovation potential. Read more here.
Private Sector Innovation? Think South Carolina, Not Silicon Valley
A unique approach to publicly funded innovation stands out in the Palmetto State. Read more here.
Why Nebraska Startups Should Be On Your Radar
A Midwestern mindset is on display in Nebraska, where hard work and humility lend their ecosystem a nose-to-the-grindstone focus and perseverance. Read more here.

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