Rainforest Rev: Saving Europe’s Youth and Creating the Next Silicon Valley

Do you seek to foster innovation across entire companies, communities, and countries? Join us! The Global Innovation Summit + Week on February 17-21, 2014 in Silicon Valley is the world’s greatest gathering for builders of innovative ecosystems.
Come hear our keynote fireside chat with entrepreneur Steve Blank at the Summit. Blank helped launch the Lean Startup movement, and he’ll talk about what comes next after incubators and accelerators. We’ll also feature Rodney Mullen, the godfather of street skateboarding, who will share his powerful lessons on the creative process. 
Apply to attend today! Follow the Innovation Summit + Week on Twitter.

***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?


Can entrepreneurship save Europe’s youth?
Kumardev Chatterjee, a friend and collaborator of T2 Venture Creation, World Economic Forum
Europeans struggle with listless economic growth, steep unemployment, and rising rates of poverty and food insecurity. European countries face a number of barriers to improving their financial outlook, chief among them are a lack of innovation and risk-taking. Read more here.

How to Create the Next Silicon Valley
Victor W. Hwang, CEO of T2 Venture Creation, discusses the Silicon Valley culture of innovation, including the trust between stranger and respect for “invisible rules” that are necessary elements of an startup ecosystem. Read more here.

The Do-Over
Slate Magazine
Is Silicon Valley an unrepeatable anomaly, or can the unique ecosystem that created the world’s foremost tech region be replicated elsewhere? Read more here.

Innovative Founders Give Tech Start-ups an Edge, Stanford Research Shows
Stanford News
A recent Stanford University report overturns traditional wisdom by indicating technical acumen may serve founding teams better than diverse business skills. Read more here.
A Few More Leadership Lessons From Silicon Valley
The CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group shares his best leadership lessons — what he calls “the secret sauce of Silicon Valley” — that have helped create the style of ecosystem business that has emerged as a result. Read more here.
How Creativity Works – and How to Harness Its Power
Fast Company
Is creativity a mysterious and elusive gift from your higher muse, or are there ways you can consciously supercharge your creative output? Read more here.
Transparency Eats Culture For Lunch
Company culture contributes disproportionately to employee happiness and productivity, right? Not true, according to research that found transparency and communication are more important drivers of employee satisfaction. Read more here.

Who Needs Silicon Valley for Tech Investing?
The Globe and Mail
Canada looks inward for ideas, rejecting the maxim that all innovation roads must lead through Silicon Valley. Read morehere.
Five Ways NZ Can Accelerate a Sustainable High-Tech Ecosystem
Scoop Independent News
An enlightening new report has some hard lessons for New Zealand’s startup community that have relevance outside the small island nation. Read more here.

Demystifying Startups Key to Building Entrepreneur Community
U-T San Diego
San Diego’s business community doesn’t understand or appreciate startups, according to some local entrepreneurs, who insist attitudes must change for the ecosystem to thrive. Read more here.

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