Rainforest Rev: Innovation Lessons from the Land and the Science of Complexity

Come to the world’s biggest gathering place for innovation ecosystem creators! The Global Innovation Summit continues its momentum as we get closer to Feb. 2014. We already have people coming from 20 different countries!  You can be the 21st country if you sign up soon! Hotel rooms are limited and are going fast. Please hurry before they are sold out!
The second early bird deadline is coming up soon! Join the Global Innovation Summit before the prices go up. Register now and save money! Feb. 17-19 in Silicon Valley.
Please visit innosummit.com for more info.
The Latest News on Innovation Ecosystems – How Do We Create Innovative Environments in Companies, Communities and Countries?

What Does Dirt Teach Us About Life? Warren Buffett’s Son And Grandson Reply
Victor W. Hwang, CEO of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
Victor Hwang interviews Howard G. and Howard W. Buffett on their new book, 40 Chances, which describes how world hunger can best be addressed through self-sustaining ecosystems that help farmers connect to markets, infrastructure, and knowledge — the same paradigm that helps innovation rainforests thrive. Read more here.

Fury and Adrenaline
Alistair Brett, International Technology Commercialization Advisor, from the innovation rainforest blog.

T2 Venture Creation’s Alistair Brett uses the science of complexity to apply a missing analytical base to the field of technology commercialization and rainforest development. Read more here.

Hemingway’s Secret to Maintaining Productive Momentum
Fast Company
Papa Hemingway’s secrets to creative productivity can help your workflow work a little harder and flow a little faster. Read morehere.
Why Innovation Is Tough to Define — and Even Tougher to Cultivate
Innovation: It’s something everyone talks about, but few people really understand. Wharton legal studies and business ethics professor Kevin Werbach and some of his expert friends help codify a truly useful understanding of innovation. Read more here.
What’s Wrong With Your Company’s Culture?
The Wall Street Journal
CEOs frequently cite their company’s culture as a leading reason for its success. And research confirms it. Culture can account for 20%-30% of a company’s performance differential compared to “culturally unremarkable” competitors. Read more here.
Creativity is all about knowing what is meaningful to people: Bruce Nussbaum
Business Standard
How do you measure someone’s creativity? Even more important, how do you foster it? Knowldge mining, framing, and other techniques for understanding Creative Intelligence can also provide insights into boosting creativity in the workforce. Read more here.

London Hipsters Lose to Cambridge Labs in Venture Funding
VCs once flocked to London’s hipster ‘hoods in search of cutting-edge ideas. Now many are drifting back to the ivy-covered towers of academia. Read more here.
Q&A: Google Talks About Supporting Startups in Egypt, And Censorship
The Wall Street Journal
Google’s regional manager in North Africa explains how the tech giant is investing in Egypt’s startups despite political uncertainty, cultural differences, and a weak overall economy. Read morehere.
‘Locavesting’ Meets Crowdfunding Meets Social Entrepreneurship
Seattle’s Community Sourced Capital project helps small investors put their money into neighborhood enterprises. Read more here.

Malaysia conducive for start-ups
The Star Online
One investor calls it the “Disneyland for entrepreneurs.” Is Malaysia the next innovation paradise? Read more here.


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