Rainforest Rev: Killing Innovation and Fresh Business Ideas

October 29th, 2013
Your Business Model Is Killing Innovation
By Henry Doss, Chief Strategy Officer of T2 Venture Creation, from Forbes
How do you make an innovation focus work inside of an existing business model? The answer: by merging “culture rules” with “business model”. Growing an innovation culture is a long-term and rather complex thing, but here are three quick ways you can begin influencing your business model through innovation.  First, people. Develop ways to encourage trial and error and iteration, and then lead supportive conversations about failure.  Then… Read more here.
Out of Fresh Business Ideas? Try This.
By Victor W. Hwang, CEO of T2 Venture Creation, from Entrepreneur Magazine
It happens to all of us: one minute we have so many fresh ideas and the next minute, the well is dry. As a leader, your goal is to instill creative confidence by making your team comfortable enough to stretch outside their comfort zone. Operate from the standpoint that there are no bad ideas, just early incarnations of good ones. Focus on process, because process equals substance. Innovation isn’t a rational endeavor. It takes a lot of effort, risk and failure. Without joy in the process, why bother? Read more here.

Contagious Entrepreneurship: People Who Know Entrepreneurs Are More Likely to Become Entrepreneurs, Kauffman Foundation Survey Shows
Kauffman Foundation
How to create more entrepreneurs in the innovation ecosystems? The study is to test whether entrepreneurship is an imitative behaviour and, if it is, whether increasing people’s exposure to growth entrepreneurs can lead to the creation of more entrepreneurs with massive knock-on effects for the economy. The research showed that knowing an entrepreneur is possibly a significant factor in whether a person runs their own business. Read more here.
Raising start-up cash in the 21st century
PBS NewsHour
How can economic policies help grow more innovation ecosystems? New potential uses of ‘crowdfunding’ – raising a large pool of money from many small contributions online, could be a key to spurring economic growth and job creation. Thanks to the bipartisan JOBS Act entrepreneurs will soon be able to use this method. Read or watch the video here.
Darwin’s Business Conference At NYU Stern
Evolution: This View of Life
The conference focused on the possible applications of evolutionary thinking for business and business ethics and why they matter to business.  Much of what organizational management amounts to is trying to shape the norms and institutions of quasi-tribal groups so that they work better. It is now well established that cultural evolution is a fundamentally Darwinian process, exhibiting incremental descent with modification, semi-random innovation (trial and error), competition among ideas, selective survival and other Darwinian features. Read and watch the videos here.
Square founder hopes to turn St. Louis into the Silicon Prairie
MarketPlace Public Radio
Jim McKelvey founded the mobile payment company Square four years ago with fellow St. Louis native Jack Dorsey. Square couldn’t find the programmers they needed to grow, so the company set up headquarters in San Francisco. To keep that from happening again, Mckelvey is starting an apprenticeships program. McKelvey is confident he can transition the city from its industrial roots into a tech-hub. Listen more here.
Detroit residents work to engage the community with signs of hope, resurgence
PBS NewsHour
How do you rebuild an innovation ecosystem?  Detroit residents are hoping to breath new life into their communities, despite the city’s filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. Neighborhoods are working to attract developers to rehab blighted buildings, create new jobs and assist would-be buyers and renters. Read or watch the video here.
Italy’s Emerging Food & Ag Tech Startup Ecosystem
There’s a global movement of entrepreneurs developing technologies that help preserve and reinvigorate local food ecosystems. They’re creating everything from sensors and software that help farmers improve operation to online marketplaces that allow farmers and food artisans to sell direct to consumers. So it should be no surprise that this movement has made its way to Italy, a country with great respect for its culinary traditions. Read more here.
Down and out, the Irish turn to tech
MarketPlace Public Radio
By now, what went wrong in Ireland is a familiar story — a burst housing bubble, a bailout, an economic crisis and record unemployment. But on the banks of the Liffey, the river that runs through Dublin, is a burgeoning technology sector that many people in Dublin hope can help pull the country out of its doldrums. Many of the world’s largest — mostly American — tech companies have their European headquarters in Dublin to take advantage of Ireland’s super low, 12.5 percent corporate tax rate. Listen more here.

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