Silicon Valley to Host First-Ever Celebration for World’s Rising Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Consortium of 16 Silicon Valley groups announce global innovation week on February 17-21, 2014 to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship around the world.

Portola Valley, California (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

A consortium of sixteen leading Silicon Valley organizations announced today the launch of Global Innovation Week. The gathering is a week-long festival to be held February 17-21, 2014. It will convene entrepreneurs, policymakers, executives, investors, professionals, and innovators from around the world who seek strategies and techniques to catalyze innovation across entire communities, companies, and countries.

The mission of the event is to grow ecosystems that foster the creation of innovative products, new solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, and sustainable economic growth. Participants will include business, economic, government, and civic leaders who share a common interest in building innovation ecosystems, but who typically might not engage with one another because of geographical, social, or industry divides. Numerous events, activities, discussions, panels, and workshops during the week will provide participants with opportunities to share and learn how to cultivate environments that drive innovation.

The event is being organized by T2 Venture Creation, a Silicon Valley firm that grows startup companies and helps communities design innovative ecosystems. According to CEO Victor W. Hwang, “Silicon Valley is rolling out the red carpet to the world. This is the first time that so many key organizations in the Valley have joined together to share ideas and practices on how to build innovative communities. Our vision is to create the biggest ever gathering of the world’s ecosystem builders. We want this to be a global conversation among innovators from all walks of life, from all corners of the planet.”

Founding partner organizations include the following groups. More are expected to join in the coming weeks and months:

  •     Angels’ Forum – investing in and mentoring Silicon Valley startups from seed stage (Carol Sands, CEO)
  •     Anno Domini – urban contemporary art & culture in San Jose (Cherri Lakey & Brian Eder, Co-Founders)
  •     BayBio – supporting Northern California’s life science community (Gail Maderis, CEO)
  •     BayBrazil – facilitating ties between Silicon Valley and Brazil (Margarise Correa, CEO)
  •     Cascadance – hosting a one day women’s innovation design lab (Janet Crawford, CEO)
  •     German Silicon Valley Accelerator – bridging Germany and Silicon Valley (Dirk Kanngiesser, CEO)
  •     Investors’ Circle – investor network for social impact (Bonny Moellenbrock, CEO)
  •     Israeli Executives & Founders Forum – entrepreneurial links with Israel (Moshik Raccah, Co-Founder)
  •     Licensing Executives Society (Silicon Valley) – supporting intellectual property and technology innovators (Larry Udell, Chairman Emeritus and Co-Founder)
  •     Sand Hill Angels – providing early-stage venture and mentor capital (Sarosh Kumana, CEO)
  •     Silicon Vikings – connecting the Nordics to Silicon Valley (Adiba Cremonini, Executive Director)
  •     SVForum – linking emerging tech innovators (Susan Lucas-Conwell, Interim CEO)
  •     T2 Venture Creation – venture firm growing startups and ecosystems (Victor W. Hwang, CEO)
  •     TiE Silicon Valley – fostering global entrepreneurs, creating links to India & Pakistan (Raj Desai, CEO)
  •     TechWadi – building bridges between Silicon Valley and the Arab world (Ossama Hassanein, CEO)
  •     Women’s Startup Lab – accelerator lab to empower women leaders of tomorrow (Ari Horie, CEO)

Global Innovation Week is an outgrowth of the first Global Innovation Summit in July 2012. The second Global Innovation Summit on February 17-19, 2014 will serve as the anchor event for the weeklong festivities. The Summit’s Executive Chair, Alfred Watkins, is the former Coordinator for Science, Technology, and Innovation of the World Bank.

The inaugural Summit last year drew more than 400 leaders from 49 countries on every continent except Antarctica. Participants focused on growing their entrepreneurial and innovative communities and represented governments, businesses, foundations, academia, professional services, the creative arts, and more. Key partners included USAID, Lemelson Foundation, World Bank, African Development Bank, Skoll Foundation, and many others.

“The culture of Silicon Valley has set the pace for business worldwide,” said Kish Rajan, Director of the California Governor’s Office for Business and Economic Development (GoBiz). “This conference is about sharing Silicon Valley’s lessons about how to foster collaboration and drive innovation globally.”

WANTED: Coordinator for World’s First Ranking of Ecosystem Startups

T2 Venture Creation and the Global Innovation Summit are seeking a motivated, organized, collaborative leader to manage the Rainforest 30, the world’s first ranking of ecosystem-based businesses.  We are looking for an experienced professional or accomplished graduate student with a background in deal flow or process management, who has leadership capabilities, and is seeking access to a global network of leaders and innovators.

This volunteer position will provide high-profile visibility in the global impact, innovation, and policy worlds.  Our Rainforest 30 Coordinator will receive public recognition at the unveiling of the Rainforest 30 Rankings.  The Coordinator will be responsible for executing the nomination, intake, and vetting processes, and will advise the judging panel.  

Work will begin immediately, and will run through Feb. 2014.  The Manager will work with the Summit’s executive leadership team, as well as the executive team at T2VC.

If interested, please contact us (along with bio and relevant information) at  

How Does Silicon Valley Teach Its Children? With a FabLab!

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Rainforest Architects Workshop

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Five Strategic Reflections For Your Innovation Ecosystem

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So, you’ve been chosen to lead the creation of an innovation program for your organization.  Or perhaps you’ve been in this role for some time.  You are hearing a constant clarion call for “more innovation.”  Meetings have been held; “future state” presentations have been made; declarations have been definitively declared.  Innovation has been enshrined as the foundation of your organization’s long-term success.

Lucky you!

If you find yourself in this position – charged with building innovation or some similar accountability – it’s time to think about “what” more than “how.”


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