Three Critical Innovation Roles: Broker, Role Model, Risk-Taker

Henry Doss’ latest Forbes article:

Send lawyers, guns and money . . . to get me out of this.

Warren Zevon

When the mythical narrator in the above-quoted Warren Zevon tune found himself  in a bit of trouble, he knew he needed three things:  “lawyers, guns and money.”   Presumably, whatever the problem or scale of the trouble, the combination of these three things would be a likely solution.

A picture taken on November 15, 2012 shows an ...

If you are faced with understanding, building, or nurturing a culture of innovation in your organization, you may be looking for a similar combination of resources that can be a total solution . . . sort of the “lawyers, guns and money” approach to innovation challenges.  One place to start looking for this answer is in the informal roles that often serve as the unseen engine of innovation cultures:  Brokers, Role Models and Risk-takers.  Where you find these functions or roles being filled,  you’ll find innovative cultural states; where these functions are not being filled, you’ll will find a relatively bland, safe and predictable organizational dynamic.



Innovation is a powerful engine, fueled by brokers, role models and risk-takers.


Read the article here.

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