Henry Doss’ latest Forbes article

Innovation Ecosystem Measurement: The Holy Grail

It is by discourse that (we) associate . . .

– Francis Bacon


Last week’s “Innovation Conversations” column addressed “connections” from the perspective of my friend and colleague Alistair Brett .  You can read that column here.

This week we continue our conversation, focusing on some of the challenges inherent in creating and nurturing innovative connections in organizations. 

HENRY:     We talked last week about the critical role that active, diverse and ubiquitous connections play in fostering innovation. Two questions came out of that discussion:  How do you know when you have a diverse network of connections and how do you create them when they are absent (or fix them when they are broken).

ALISTAIR:     Let’s deal with the first question first. Measurement ofinnovation ecosystem attributes is kind of the Holy Grail of innovation thinking.  It is much, much different than measuring the outputs of innovation.  And much more difficult, I think.  Measuring an ecosystem is an exercise in creativity and good judgment, as much as anything, and the process and the frame of reference is just not the same as measuring output on a production line, or doing financials.   But I believe very strongly that you can be empirical in your approach to measuring ecosystems.

HENRY:     OK, how do you do that?  I’m ready to hear about The Holy Grail!

Read the rest here.

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