The Rainforest gets discussed on Vasily Ryzhonkov’s blog

What economy needs to have a successful Innovation Ecosystem?


There is an important, interesting topic for entrepreneurs, policy makers, people from venture industry, and eventually, for ordinary citizens who benefit from innovations. It is:

How to create a successful innovation ecosystem and what are those enabling factors that should be implemeted within a given economy?

Recently I’ve read a couple of interesting books about innovation ecosystems (one of them I warmly suggest you to read – “The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley“) and democratic capitalism (“How Capitalism Will Save Us: Why Free People and Free Markets Are the Best Answer in Today’s Economy”). I would like to give you short summary of these books and my opinion on the points presented there. Moreover, it’s interesting to read these books syntopically (meaning having in mind one subject or topic, and crossreading in several books and from several authors).


Read the rest here.

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