The VC model is not broken. It’s just working too well. (Part I)

My new post in my Forbes column:

To venture, or not to venture. The venture capital business is going through one if its periodic Hamlet cycles, which seems to happen historically every decade or so.

Since the publication of the Kauffman Foundation report on venture capital last month—which famously declared that the traditional “investment model is broken”—VC has been taking its share of lumps….

Building a Rainforest in Italy

My partner, Greg Horowitt, has been in Italy this past week, sharing our ideas on how to build an innovation ecosystem there.  See his slide presentation here:

Lorenzo Tondi (Working Capital blog for Telecom Italia) has written a third and final overview of the Rainforest model for building innovation ecosystems. You can read it here…

The Post in Italy has an article as well:

From a couple months ago: venture capitalist Gianluca Dettori gave some thoughtful observations on the difficulties of building an Italian Rainforest:


Forbes: How Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom explained Silicon Valley. And didn’t even realize it.

I have started a new regular column in Forbes, which I’m calling “Riffs from the Rainforest.” You can read it at:  I’m genuinely excited about this chance to write for such a venerable publication and to share these ideas with new readers worldwide.

I’ll be writing about the same core themes — the nature of innovation ecosystems, the intersection of private venture and public policy, how to grow entrepreneurial startups in hard places — but now with a bigger platform and potential reach.  My first column is about Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, who sadly passed away on Tuesday, but not before leaving a legacy of groundbreaking work that strikes at the heart of why certain communities are so productive, and why others are not.  My article is at:

I’ll still be posting here, particularly the non-linear stuff that might seem strange on Forbes.  So, stay tuned, and thanks for reading…